Contributing to Popcorn Maker

Mozilla Popcorn enables anyone to make and share interactive web video.

Like Wordpress or Drupal, it's an open source project that grows with community contributions to both code and content.

Here's a look at the pieces that make up Popcorn Maker, and how you can help.


Develop a Popcorn plugin

Plugins extend the functionality of Popcorn and Popcorn Maker. There are currently over 20 Popcorn plugins for all sorts of timed interactivity with media.

Plugins can be used by users from within the Popcorn Maker interface, and web developers can use them in white label projects.

When paired with specific Popcorn templates, custom plugins can offer sophisticated authoring capabilities to end-users.


Make a template

The easiest way to contribute to Popcorn Maker is to design a template.

By following the conventions of the Butter API, you can easily make templates that people can use to author interactive video. Just design a page using regular HTML and CSS, then give the Popcorn-ready DOM elements some simple declarative attributes, like:

data-butter="media" / data-butter="target"

Optionally, include custom Popcorn.js plugins and editor configurations.

Popcorn templates will help people make all sorts of time-aligned media, with point and click simplicity.


Test or work on Butter

Butter is a software development kit to create HTML5 web apps that time user inputs with media. It's the foundation on which Popcorn Maker is built.

Butter manages track data, saved projects, saved media, user interface construction, publishing, and more.

You are welcome to file a bug report, a feature request, or—even better—to contribute to the project!

To contribute to Butter, join us at our Lighthouse issue tracker. Have a look at the open tickets and feel free to take one. When you're done with a ticket, issue a pull request to the main repository on GitHub.