Mozilla Popcorn: How to Get Involved

Popcorn Maker is getting tighter and tighter, thanks to Bob Richter, Jon Buckley, the Seneca CDOT crew, our newly hired summer fellow Kate Hudson, and a growing number of contributors. Read on for a quick update on Popcorn Maker and how to get involved.

Popcorn Maker will let you make and share interactive HTML5-based videos while teaching you some web skills. It’s like the best parts of iMovie and spliced together, and it’s 100% open source.

We want it to have the polish of Apple product, but the soul of a Mozilla product. We’re breaking a lot of ground.

Version 1.0 is coming in November. So if you’re interested in contributing to Mozilla Popcorn, now is a great time to get started!

Breakin’ it down

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